What makes a good snack? + Snack ideas

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Snacks are the little pleasures we give ourselves in between long hours of work and a good snack can really make all the difference in how you make it through the day. So, what’s makes a good snack? It is one that’s high in nutritional value but relatively low in calories as well as low in total fat (especially saturated fat and trans-fat) and low in added sugars and sodium. The nutritional value of a food refers to its content in nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers and more. For example, nuts are high in fat (most of which are unsaturated) and therefore, they are high in calories but they are also loaded with essential nutrients which makes them a healthy snack option as long as you eat with moderation.

While fresh vegetables and fruits are incredibly healthy snacks packed with vitamins and minerals and are usually low in calories and fat, those foods aren’t always convenient (or the tastiest) to carry around all day. You’ll find bellow a list of healthy alternatives you can try that are easy to prepare and delicious :

  • Mixed nuts

While they are high in fats, most of the fat grams in mixed nut products are from beneficial monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They are also a good source of proteins and contain plenty of healthful phytochemicals, such as phytosterols and lignans. Moderation is in order when eating nuts due to their high calorific value which makes them a great option for a little snack.

  • Granola bar

Granola bars are probably the most popular on-the-go snack due to their unbeatable convenience and their good taste. Although a lot of the snack bars found in stores can be high in sugars (more than 12 grams/portion), a few other options offer a product that emphasize more on the goodness of whole grains and nuts rather than the sweetness aspect.

  • Energy balls

These are the new hype and once you try them, you’ll understand why. Energy balls, no-bake balls, protein balls…whatever people call them, they are simply delicious and are a good source of healthy carbs and fats, proteins and are usually high in fibers. Depending on the ingredients, each ball offers you around 100-250 calories. Easily portable, these treats truly are the ideal healthy on-the-go snack for your days at work, school or before/after the gym.

  • Homemade muffins

While homemade muffins require more efforts and time to prepare, they are totally worth the trouble. When you prepare your snacks at home, you can control better what goes into them and that usually translate to a more nutritious food with less sodium, sugars, and fats.

Article written by Yasmine Jemaa.